Wearing a saree is a timeless art that has always lasted and continues to thrive. Six meters of pure elegance, a saree is an emblem of femininity and the epitome of grace. There is a wide range of both modern and traditional sarees. They have given this outfit several metamorphoses to keep it updated with the changing times.

Therefore, SheBazaar has included a list of innovative saree trends that will reign in 2020.

As you sail far and wide through India, you will realize that Indian saree is one of the most worn Indian clothing for women. There are a million variations from different parts of the world and from the culture of India that give this outfit a completely new perspective.

From north to south and from east to west, there are countless options to explore. Each one is significantly different from the other, but they all look elegant and graceful. The only thing common to all is the love of women for this.

Sarees are the eternal favorite of Indian women. For centuries, they have been a wardrobe staple for many. Over the years, it has established itself as an exquisite set perfect for any occasion.

Meanwhile, younger generations still see it as traditional clothing, which can only be worn during special events. This is largely due to the draped style which requires special skills and practice to create neat pleats and folds.

Therefore, many of us today keep it for special occasions such as weddings and festivals and avoid wearing them in everyday life.

Therefore, today's fashion designers and fashionistas have devoted efforts to revive fashion and bring it back to its original glory. Using innovative drapes and unconventional blouse designs, each element of the saree is reinvented and redesigned to meet the needs of the modern generation.

Fashion clothing is undergoing a radical change in style and pattern and urban women are quick to experiment with bold and beautiful styles. Modern sarees are created to be relevant in an urban context.

Most of the fashion designer's efforts are aimed at improving the functionality and improving ease of use. With a new concept and designer sarees, women want to make sure they continue to maintain their traditions and evolve based on changing lifestyles and preferences.

The traditional six-yard design is undoubtedly extremely elegant. It is perfect for evening parties, morning brunches, and a workday. So why do you hesitate? With our simple guide, learn to reinvent the classic Indian saree in functional, versatile and elegant modern clothes.

  • Floral Design Sarees:

Floral prints on chiffon or crepe sarees are one of the most up-to-date fashion statements that have found enormous indulgence for parties and wedding events. You can play with many colors and floral styles.

Chitrangada Singh Chikoo Color Daily Wear Printed Saree In Georgette Fabric

  • Net Sarees:

For attractive and mysterious women in you, the net saree is a perfect style statement. It had been made famous by Bollywood divas. They are available in several modern designs and light shades. You can promote the right attitude with them at a wedding or any formal event.

Festive Wear Saree With Embroidery Work In Net Fabric Sea Green Color

  • Silk Sarees:

You can't talk about sarees in India without talking about traditional silk sarees. In the past, this garment may have been more prominent in the southern states of India, but this is no longer the case. Across the country, women love to wear a traditional silk saree in very classic colors for many ceremonies and are not just limited to weddings!

Red Traditional Wear Fancy Weaving Work Saree In Art Silk

  • Embroidered Sarees:

Nowadays, you may have seen many sarees in very light tones like blush pink, blue and green. These sarees are often heavily beaded, and this relief feature falls into the category of the latest saree trends in India. The embroidery on these sarees can be made of stones, pearls or other beads available on the market.

Function Wear Fancy Taffeta Fabric Indowestern One Minute Lehenga Saree In Dark Beige Color

  • Cotton Sarees:

It is perhaps the most comfortable fabric of all. Pure and soft cotton can be folded neatly to create the pleats of a saree, making it an ideal attire for evening wear and business meetings. The pure cotton and Kota cotton sarees can keep you cool in the heat and are therefore suitable for daily use and for summer weddings.

Ethnic Wear Sky Blue Fancy Saree In Cotton With Weaving Work


A saree can be worn as a fashionable outfit anywhere. However, wearing a saree in keeping up with the occasion is always a good idea. Choosing a saree with the right fabric for the occasion will ensure you don't look out of place - and it's also comfortable, even if the event or the day. In addition, the best fabric is easy to put on, carry and maintain, and above all, one that makes you feel safe with your skin and your look!

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